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Emotional development in children

My heart breaks when I hear a child cry or see the effects of emotional detachment.

The difficulty I have is hearing a young child cry and feeling the pang in my heart when I wish I could give the child a loving hug to soothe or rectify the problem. Then too it pains me to see the loss of love to each other cause the problems in society some due to emotional detachment and neglect.

I do not blame parents or main carers, I am a parent and have been a carer, so I know from personal experience what professionals may tell us to do, (some of whom have no personal experience of children themselves). All to often the professionals tell parents how to bring up their children from birth which can also cause some of the effects we see  in children not having emotional skills resulting in emotional difficulties. 

My musings are based on my personal thoughts, practice, experience, instinct, emotions, feelings, beliefs and knowledge from reading on children’s early development and the effects of this on the whole child as they grow up.

I believe children need nurture from their parents or a carer who is in a position to support, engage and enable the child’s need in order for him or her to develop  at each stage in their life.  Children need to feel safe to progress through each developmental stage as if they do not then they will not progress . If not the reality is that the effect can stunt their growth maybe not physically but most definitely emotionally, intellectually and socially.   

The difficulty is that the delays and difficulties faced may not become apparent until the child is older and the older the child the more difficulty there is to rectify these effects. The child will  often show difficulty socialising due to a lack of social interaction and opportunities whether it is due to personal circumstances where the main carer is unable to care for the child due to illness, hospitalisation or  other personal reasons. 

Personally, I did not always get the support from health professionals when I had my daughter twenty-three years ago or subsequently for my three son’s, from breastfeeding to weaning. There were times when I needed to know in my mind what I wanted to do whether to midwives or family, (the latter was the hardest). Therefore for an inexperienced new parent or carer, can take professionals advice at unquestionably when it isn’t necessarily what we would want knowing the consequences. However, we all make errors but as long as we receive good enough care or support no long-term harm is done.

I believe that this is something which needs to be addressed more supportive care needs to be put in place to help those who really need it, not less as enabling clients who need it most is the hardest needing encouragementthrough building bridges. The results, with the removal of public services is extremely damaging to the persons most at risk and ironically are also those who need it most.
We need to petition our governments as this is a global issue, I believe. I don’t know one country which cares for each individual, especially the vulnerable and has no problems.

I would like to thank you for reading, please if you have time add a comment or any thoughts...

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